Webinars and Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Webinar Refresh

We can help make existing webinars more interesting. Pre-work exercises can be a great way to spark lively discussion during a webinar. Active learning exercises can transform a one-way presentation into meaningful discussion.

If you're going to go through the trouble to make a great live event, why spend it giving a lecture?

Convert a Webinar to On Demand

If you're tired of scheduling webinars or if your learners need instant access to content, you have other options.

We can use an archive of one of your webinars to create an on demand asset for your LMS or Intranet.

We recommend blending self-study exercises with a debrief as a group or during one-on-ones.

Why update a Webinar?

Escape from Zoom

These screenshots come from a webinar conversion we did for an organization who wanted to share more about Emotional Intelligence with their leaders.

They wanted an alternative to a one hour Zoom call on the topic.

The Problem

Zoom fatigue is real. Social distancing or actual physical distancing has lead many of us down an unending path of video meetings.

This client had content to share with a group of managers to help them with the soft skills they need to get the best out of their people.

One of the leaders had a dynamic presentation on the topic that they wanted to make available to all other leaders.

The presentation was only offered twice in person, but those in attendance wanted others to get the chance. A few barriers prevented additional synchronous presentations.

  • Users were in multiple locations.
  • Managers were busy and it was difficult to schedule time when most were available.
  • High turnover meant new managers were starting every week and this class only offered twice in a year.

The Blended Solution

We recorded the leader's live presentation, then placed the video side-by-side with his slides.

(We also do green screen work if needed.)

We converted the group exercises into reflections in a Microsoft Word document. Many participants downloaded and completed it electronically as they watched the presentations. Others chose to print and write on the handouts.

  • Participant reflection journals
  • Videos
  • Images and text
  • Interactive flash cards
  • Sorting exercises
  • Follow up instructions for group debrief on the workbook

We created a quick job aid for leaders to help structure a meaningful discussion about the topic. Leaders were encouraged to spend a few minutes debriefing the activities during staff meetings and group huddles.


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