Stories for Software Training

Here's a quick video showing the advantage of using characters in a software training project to help give learners context of how they'll use the software on the job.

This free Storyline file is from a project we built to help users learn about a new HR System called Workday.

We created characters with different back stories to help add context to the ways you'd use this system. We used the screen recording feature in storyline to create "demo" and "test" modes so that learners to practice using the system in a safe environment.

We gamified the screens so that as you help each character, you work toward a badge that shows you can perform the skills a manager needs.

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View the Sample File

View a sample of the Actual Training

Click here to see what the sample file looks like when it's published. See if you can click through and earn your badge.

This file has none of the screen recording, but gives you the slides you can use to add character stories and simple gamification for your own project.

This is an example of one of the character stories.

This features the actual screen recording. See if you can help John find his paystub so that he can get a boat loan.

Free Storyline training videos for this file

Learn to create custom states for Storyline.

Gamify with a custom counter for each character.

Learn to create the check mark effect using custom states.

Features of this FREE file

  • 5 examples of characters you can use to add context. Use these to get your creative juices flowing so that you can write a backstory of your own.
  • Characters have a custom state so that they can be "grayed out" or "completed" as the learner goes through the practice state.
  • Each section has custom variables that are tied to the states so we can let users complete them in any order
  • Sections have a menu so that users can choose to either watch a demo or try the practice exercises.
  • Complete all 5 stories to earn a badge for completion that's separate from the LMS tracking info.
  • Use a "hover hint" in a practice exercise so learners get the information they need to complete the simulation.
Get the FREE Storyline file

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