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My name is Karl G Richter and I've been Blending Online modules using tools like Camtasia, PowerPoint and Articulate 360 for nearly 20 years.

Believe it or not, I still find joy in the work we do. My goal each week is to share different things about our craft that spark joy for me. I hope these bring a smile to your face and put a little pep in your step to start your week.

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FREE Weekly Newsletter - Monday Funday

Every Monday at 7:30, Karl sends out the Monday Funday email. Yes, Sundays are typically more fun days, but attitude is key. Why not start a Monday out with an optimistic attitude?

Each edition usually includes a quick uplifiting video, a quote to help you spark joy in your life and for the craft of Instructional Design and eLearning, and other thoughts and ah-ha moments from his week.

He shares news of any new free resources to share or upcoming speaking events.

Here's a link to a previous edition where the theme was about how our brains crave information that's complete.

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