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Karl G Richter


Custom Blended Learning Solutions

We will customize a blend of custom training materials to help solve common problems.


Make a good first impression for your new hires and get them on the job in less time.


We'll customize your company's required training. Let learners practice real-world choices in training, not on the job.


We can train on a new software system with a blend of videos, emails, and practice exercises.


We create online training for other topics like sales & service, product knowledge, business process training,
and more!

Blended learning is more than
face-to-face or online training. 

A blended learning solution is a mix of different types of learning technologies.

What blend helps you hit your goals?


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Meet with Karl Richter to find a blend to help you hit your goals.

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Client Testimonials

"Karl is a delight to work with. He gives great advice and guidance for the approach you might take on any type of project and is always quick to point out pitfalls you might encounter as you develop."

Frankie Wolf
HP (Seattle, WA)

"I appreciate the tips and information that I gained in such a short period of time. This was a valuable experience for a new profession in the field."

Jennifer Story (Louisville, KY)

"I have a very unique training environment, but Karl listened and was able to quickly understand my needs and offered a couple of great easy suggestions that I could try right away to help make my training more effective."

- Michelle Hammond
(Indianapolis, IN)

Working with Karl and his team has been one of the best decisions we've made.  Karl is easy to work with, creative, relevant, and knows his stuff. 

His documented processes keep projects on track and his easy-going manner make working with him a breeze. 

He's never missed a project deadline - in fact finishes early and under budget - helping us achieve desired outcomes. Karl has been an excellent source of insight and support as our learning team grows and develops.  We view him as an extension of our team.  I highly recommend Karl and his team!

Christy Williams, Mortenson Dental Partners
(Louisville KY)

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How do you build an Online Module?

Our iterative process gives you a chance to approve prototypes as we develop the module. You'll see the bronze build, which is our chance to show the interactions that we have planned. The silver build is where you'll review all the content and suggest changes if needed. The polished gold build is what you'll release to your learners in your LMS.

Will your module work in our LMS?

Absolutely! We use industry-standard tools and test compatibility right away to ensure that your new course will give you the reporting that you need before we begin the design process.

Do you provide the content we need?

In most cases we will need your existing training materials or access to your subject matter experts. We'll discuss your goals and desired outcomes so that we can map a path to help get you there.

How much does it cost?

We can build a Blended Learning solution that fits your budget. Our flexible rates allow you to find a solution for projects of all sizes.

Wish that we gave you a clear number? Reach out for a free consultation to get the answer you're looking for.

What happens if the course needs updates?

All of the source files we use to create your learning assets will be your property at the end of the contract. You can either make updates on your own or hire us back to make revisions.

More questions? Contact us for answers.

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