What can Blended Learning
do for you?

Are you looking to transform dull content into a lively and memorable training experience?

Look beyond online modules, webinars, and instructor led training for a custom blend of training materials. We can help you create your own blends or take over the design and development work for you.

Instructional Design

We work with you to clearly define your outcomes, then craft brain-friendly learning experiences that help users hit their goals.

eLearning Design & Development

We build engaging online training courses, instructional videos, software simulations and more.

Blended Learning Consulting

Tell us more about the tools you have at your disposal and we'll suggest blends you can implement at your organization.

Let's transform dull content into a memorable learning experience.

See Our Work

eLearning Modules

We use tools like Articulate 360, Camtasia, and more to build online learning.


Webinar Conversion

We make webinars more interactive or convert them to
on-demand resources.


What if instead of a long email, you sent a short video? Make an impact in a minute.

Software Simulations

Give learners a chance to practice using new software.

Drip Content

Include automated emails in a blended solution for a modern way to reach your learners. Spaced repetition

Add Characters

Stories can help make your training more engaging without breaking the bank.