Custom Software Training


Custom Software Training for your LMS

We can create training for your next software system rollout.

We can help new employees safely get up-to-speed on the internal software systems your business relies on to get work done.

Give learners a chance to practice before they're in the real systems with real data. We'll create interactive recordings of your systems so they can try in a safe environment.

Can it work for you?

Why use practice simulations?

Extend your training beyond a demonstration. Let them try using the software for themselves.

The Problem

Your company is updating one of the software systems that's used to conduct business. Rolling it out poorly could lead to a spike in errors, a dip in sales, and unsatisfied customers or partners.

We've built custom videos and practice exercises for the internal software systems your company relies on to get work done.

Many vendors have a limited amount of training to help you roll out new software but it's not custom to fit your needs.

And what about new employees? How do they get up to speed?

Here are a few examples of this type of problem that we've helped solve. Our blended solutions might help you, too.

  • Hiring managers need to learn to work with a recruiter to post open jobs, review applicants and make hiring decisions.
  • Bank tellers need to understand the systems used to deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds. What about processing loans and opening new accounts?
  • Manufacturing plants need to know how to take an order, track it through production, ship it, review any defects, and more.
  • Sales reps need to fill out sales reports accurately. Compliance officers have noticed some risk in the lack of a standard process.
  • And many, many more...

The Blended Solution

We recommend a mix of "live" training and on demand. We can help structure your content into webinars, presentations, and instructor led training that makes an impact.

We also recommend on demand training resources. These are available 24/7 and are ready to go on an employee's first day of training.

  • Screen recording videos
  • Printable reference guides
  • Support pages for learners to quickly pull down content when on the job
  • Practice exercises in a software simulation. (View a working example)

Practice exercises allow your learners to practice in a consequence-free environment. New users get to try using our interactive software recordings before they're in the real system with real data.

They'll complete common tasks and get guidance along the way. Customize your training into role-specific tasks so that the groups within your organization don't waste time on training they don't need.


Is this a blend for you?

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