About eLearning Blends

At eLearning Blends, we help companies of all sizes create Blended Learning that is engaging and effective.

We create custom blended learning assets like online videos, online compliance modules, screen recordings and software simulations. We believe that eLearning is most effective when blended together with traditional instruction and other types of synchronous learning.

We use a wide range of technologies to engage the synapses in the learner's brain. These days it is not enough to be informative. Training must also be interesting enough to engage the brain's neurons. If synapses aren't firing, training is not only dull, but it is ineffective.

We have a talented team of instructional designers, technical writers, eLearning developers, and video editors that build blended learning that follows principles of Cognitive Neuroscience.  

By taking advantage of cost-saving measures of online and mobile learning, we help organizations onboard new hires or train current staff using modern tools and technologies. 

Blending Learning Technologies, not drinks.

Meet Karl Richter

Karl Richter is the Owner and Creative Director of eLearning Blends. He loves to joke that he's the Head Blender at eLearning Blends.

He started working as a freelance eLearning designer and developer in 2002 and has built thousands of different online training programs for corporate and higher education learning programs. 

He is an author, speaker, and eLearning coach who shares tips and tricks for making learning that is engaging and effective.

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