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Hi! I'm Karl Richter. I'm a blended learning designer & coach.

I’ve spent the last 15 years as a freelance Instructional Designer, Technical Writer, and Storyline Developer. My team and I have built thousands of online modules and resources.

I’ve decided to share how we do it. For free.


Do you want to hear my secrets for good design?

I share my favorite tips for writing, designing, and developing learning using tools like Articulate Storyline.

Each month I host free webinars. I also have online courses you can take at your own pace.


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Would you like us to build it for you?

Yes, we still do custom blended learning design using tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, and more!

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are a fit to help get that project off your plate.

Clients Include

We help corporate Learning and Development departments make blended learning experiences that help employees reach business goals.


Are you ready for a Workshop, Webinar, or Course?

I'll show you how to easy and fun it is to build eLearning using Articulate Storyline or help you take your skills to the next level.

Join a free monthly webinar, take a self-study video challenge, or book us for an instructor led train-the-trainer workshop.

We do 4 different full day workshops teaching different aspects of Articulate Storyline.

Visit the Storyline Training page to learn more.

"Karl was able to get our team from having never opened Storyline to developing courses and interactions after just a few sessions!"

- Matthew Flispart, Baptist Health, Louisville KY

"The best thing about the workshop that Karl creates is FUN. Learning new software can be daunting, tedious and even dull.

Karl makes the mundane exciting. His energy about training and e-learning makes everyone want to create.

Story line is a great tool, but takes an investment of time and action to learn its full potential. The exercises created by Karl and his team can get a beginner creating slides in no time. The only downfall with learning something new with Karl is the lack for more hours in the day.

- Lisa McKinley, Newbie to E-learning, Safety Compliance and Training Specialist


Coaching, Workshops, and Webinars

Learn More about our most popular coaching programs.

Coaching services are flexible. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation and we'll create a custom coaching package for you.

OK, so what is an eLearning Recipe?

eLearning Recipes are templates and ideas for interactions you sprinkle into your plans to help learners absorb new information and practice skills.

Imagine your options for designing a training program were ingredients for a meal.

You wouldn't eat a webinar, instructor led course, game, or cheat sheet, but you could combine them the next time your company rolls out a new online system.

As any experienced chef knows, you can tweak and modify any recipe to meet your needs. Look through your company's fridge and find the right ingredients for your culture, budget, and goals then get cookin'!


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