eLearning Without an LMS


The Problem - No LMS

A growing startup company needs to train a team of national Customer Support Reps (CSRs) in different the industries they're serving. These reps need to understand the differences between 6 different verticals to really anticipate their users needs. CSRs are lacking the industry-specific knowledge that's required to understand the business they support.

The company is growing rapidly but doesn't have an automated Learning Management Systems. Is there a way to gauge how much CSRs know about the industries they're working in. The company does not have licenses for Rapid eLearning software and would like to make updates in house as the industries change.

How can 50 remote workers throughout North American learn more about the Industries they serve? Is eLearning an option?

Overview of this Case Study

The Blend of Technology

Google Apps / Domain

Google Sites

Google Slides

Google Sites allows anyone with a Google Account to create one site that displays beautifully on any device without knowing anything about web development.

A Google Site is built to seamlessly integrate other Google Apps like videos, quizzes, and slide presentations. One Google Site can host them all in a responsive design.

Google Slides are online versions of PowerPoint. Leverage existing resources to help your learners get up to speed.

Editing access can be shared across trusted individuals, then quickly published and shared.

This Industry Training Site has 5 pages on key topics in this industry.

Google Sites and Slides

Google Forms Make Graded Quizzes

Enable Graded Quizzes in Google Forms to create automated self-scoring quizzes. For free.

Quiz Results are tracked in an Online Spreadsheet or downloaded to Excel.

Articulate Rise

Camtasia Videos

Unlisted on Youtube

We blended in some flashcards to help reps learn the industry-specific knowledge. Articulate Rise makes flashcards quickly.

Short narrated videos with background music and stories from the industry help learners take in foundational knowledge.

Videos that are hosted on Youtube can be quickly embedded in the Google Site. Keep videos set to unlisted so they remain private.

Graded Quizzes in Google Forms & Articulate Rise

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